Best Foods for Wedding-ready Skin

October 14, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Bridal Beauty

Most girls go to great lengths to ensure that their skin look beautiful and dewy-fresh on their wedding day. However we truly believe that the beauty comes from deep within. We all know that a diet full of vitamins and antioxidants is most excellent for skin but, if you are still not sure about the foods you should eat, here we provide you a list of top foods and drinks that can make you look and feel great from within.

Add some fiber

Adding extra fiber to your diet can actually boost your weight loss efforts. A high fibre meal may help your body lose weight as the rate at which food passes through your body increases. Also, the high fibre foods are very filling so if you add them in your lunch you can easily reduce the craving for snacks!

Try to add a lot of beans, chick peas, kidney beans and butter beans in your salad. Make sure that your lunch contains lot of vegetables, fruits and wholemeal bread and pasta.


Eat more eggs

Wedding SkinAccording to a recent research, the rate of weight loss can be increased further by eating eggs because eggs have an extremely high amount of protein and high protein foods are natural hunger suppressants. You can get a decent amount of protein by eating chicken, milk, tofu, fish and yoghurt.

Fruits and veggies

There are so many skin loving foods that you can add in your daily diet to get a glowing, smooth and younger looking skin. Avocados are great source of monounsaturated fat, which can plump out your skin. You can make yummy salads and sandwiches using them. If you really want to sparkle on your big day then have salmon at least 3 times in a week.
Pomegranates and carrots are good source of vitamin C, which makes your skin look good – so have a glass of fruit juice everyday with your breakfast. Have a handful of Brazil nuts and almonds for glowing skin, beautiful hair and nails.

Trash that crash diet!

Most of the people try to cut down their calorie intake drastically before the wedding to look thinner, but nutritionists suggest that this is certainly not the best thing to do in fact it might negatively impact your body as you might feel even hungrier and end up eating more! Instead of this kind of crash dieting you should include the 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks daily in your diet.

Fruits for wedding

Drink more water

Water is essential for the good health of each cell and organ in our body yet most of us don’t drink enough water. Plenty of water is required to get young and healthy looking skin.
Make sure that you drink sufficient amount of water so that you don’t look dehydrated on your D day. You can also try eating fruits with high water content; they provide you extra benefits too. Watermelon has high water content along with the antioxidant lycopene, and calcium, magnesium, and sodium whereas cucumbers have vitamin B, vitamin C, electrolytes as well as fiber. In general it’s one of the best beauty foods for your skin. Vitamin C gives sparkling bright skin and caffeic acid helps in reducing the inflammation. Other than adding these in your salad, use few slices on your eyes or any other part of your body for a home spa treatment.

Use ginger and turmeric

Both ginger and turmeric have amazing health benefits. They both work as natural anti-inflammatory medicines; they have remarkable anti-bacterial qualities too which makes them great home remedies for clear and glowing skin. Try yummy coconut ginger smoothie or fresh ginger tea. Turmeric has a peppery flavour and mustard like aroma; use it in various curries and dals for added benefits.

Green TeaGreen tea

The green tea offers you a huge range of health benefits from oral health, arthritis, cancer risks and diabetes to heart problems and weight control. Green tea makes an outstanding choice for improving skin health and reducing risks for skin diseases. It helps in reducing the skin aging signs and lowers the chances of breakouts. These health benefits come from the polyphenols and catechins found in the tea leaves.

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