Easy tips to choose your perfect bridal jewelry

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The bridal jewelry is an essential part of a bridal outfit.  It makes a woman shine on her wedding day and complement the special glow of a woman on her D-day. So, it’s important that a would-be bride chooses the right kind of bridal jewelry. It should be comfortable to wear and should boost her confidence as well.

So here is our guide on how to choose the wedding jewelry that suits you the most:

You should first wait to receive your bridal dress. To ensure a perfect match, you should carefully choose your jewelry depending on the embroidery, colour and type of your bridal wear.

The bridal top has an important role in making your jewelry look stunning. If you have decided to wear very heavy jewelry then go for a bridal top with a wider or deeper neckline so that the ornaments sits perfectly on your body. Decide how much elaborate work and embroidery you want in the portion where your necklace sits.

Gold Jewelry

Now after finalising your bridal outfit, make a list of the ornaments that suits well with your outfit.

Bridal ornaments include several items from head-to-toe. The most essential bridal jewelry that beautifies the head of a woman is the maang-teeka, it’s an elegant pendent hung with a small chain. However the maang teeka designs vary from region to region but you should make sure that it should not be too heavy or bulky. Gold clips of various shapes and designs are also very popular as bridal hair accessories.

Next item that you need to buy is the nose ring; this is an essential ornament for the brides specifically from northern region of the country. So you should go for a nose ring that goes well with your tradition. Again, it shouldn’t be too bulky and huge, choose a lightweight yet elegant looking nose ring or it might make you bit uncomfortable on your D-day.

Earrings are one of the most essential parts of bridal jewelry set, the right type of earrings make a bride look gorgeous and stunning. You can choose traditional big jhumkas, these jhumkas adds a pinch of drama to your over-all look and make you look like a dazzling bollywood diva. You can team-up these jhumkas with golden or stone studded chains. These chains are supposed to bear the heavy weight of your jhumkas; it goes from the front of the earring over the ear on both sides: you can hang it directly into the hair; or around the back of your ear.

Another important ornament for bridal look is the necklace (Haar) or necklace-set. While choosing the necklace set make sure it fits you well and matches with your bridal top.

Traditional JewelryChoker: this It is worn closely around the neck; brides with normal to long necks can go for choker.

Pendant set: a pendant on a necklace chain. Beaded strands continue to be very very trendy. Fine American diamond pendant & earring sets with gold / silver chains can be picked for sangeet or other wedding ceremonies and occasions.

Collar necklace: this necklace sits at the base of your neck and lower. The Jodha Akbar type collar necklace covers the complete chest. This type of necklace varies significantly in size.

Rani Haar: this traditional type of necklace is a large decorated pendant attached to a long golden chain. The pendant part usually sits on the bust area. This is worn with another necklace usually it is a personal choice. Rani haars look great on tall ladies.

Armlets are worn to beautify the arms of a bride and the stone studded armlets give very elegant look to your arms. Armlets tightly fit on your arms so make sure it goes well with sleeves of your blouse.

Any Indian bridal look is not complete without bangles. A huge range of bangles made from glittering glass and metals are available out there. Choose heavy designer kangans and match them with glass bangles.

You can also choose any of these items to decorate your hands, but remember don’t overdo it!

Hath Panjas: these are traditional bracelet with stone studded chains attached to 3 or 4 rings.

Cocktail Rings: Cocktail rings are very much recommended for a fresh and stylish bridal look.
In our Indian culture, glass bangles are considered as a sign of married woman. So don’t forget to team up your dazzling kangans with bright colour glass bangles.

Finger rings should not be ignored mainly when you choose your bridal jewelry. Stone studded golden rings look so stunning and stylish. The best part about these rings is that you can wear them on any big or small occasions unlike other bridal ornaments.

Modern JewelryThough the feet are not much exposed during wedding ceremonies, still during various customs and rituals, you might need to slightly lift your lehenga. So make sure your feet look lovely too! Buy a nice pair of jingling payal, nowadays stones-studded silver and golden payals are very popular among young ladies. You can match these payals with bright and dazzling toe-rings as well.

Leave yourself a lot of time to buy perfect wedding jewelry for you. At least a month time is recommended for trying different styles. Still, if you are confused between different sets of jewelry, then you should try each piece on with your wedding dress if possible before taking a decision.

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