Few Important Questions to Ask the Reception Venue Manager

October 21, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Wedding Plan

Choosing the best site for your wedding is a really big challenge for anyone. There are lots of queries that one might have regarding the venue before one would finally book the space. It is important to make a note of all the necessary questions that one must ask to the reception venue manager. These are questions that they come by everyday and probably by every wedding party. But it is important to repeat the questions for your sake and so that the terms and policies of the place are crystal clear to you.


The basic questions that are asked are:

  • Regarding the venue itself:
    • How many people can the place hold?
    • What is the total cost of the venue?
    • For how long can the venue be booked?
    • Would they decorate the place or outside decorations are allowed?
    • What are the flower charges? Are outside florists allowed or not?


  • Regarding the food:
    • Are there options for them providing with a wedding cake? Can one customize them? Can one order wedding cakes from outside?
    • Would there be an unlimited bar?
    • Would they provide caterer services?
    • Do they charge extra for service boys, waiters, etc.?


Venue Manager

  • Other terms and conditions:
    • Would they charge fee for security personnel’s?
    • Would they give a car parking facility with a valet?
    • Is there any changing room for the bride and her bridesmaid?
    • What are the cancellation policies of the venue?
    • What are the extra charges if one exceeds the booked timings of the venue?


  • On-spot ceremonies:
    • Do they allow on spot ceremonies be performed?
    • Is there an extra charge for that?
    • Do they provide for the arrangements of such ceremonies? Can one get in their own preferences for such ceremonies?
    • What are the terms and conditions for such ceremonies?

One must remember that many times, a venue charges individually for its services. For instance, a venue might charge separately for the seating arrangements. In that case having a full knowledge of the number of guests helps you in making a budget and sometimes helps you in cutting down the budget to a great extent. Thus, if your venue makes arrangements for such part charges, then it is important that you ask for the prices of each arrangement. This would make it easier for you to determine not only the services that you want but also a wedding within your budget.

questions_4Also, many venues provide a lot of wedding packages. These packages include a lot of services and help to cut down your wedding costs tremendously. Also, sometimes certain elements of these wedding packages are allowed to be customized by the customers. Hence, it is necessary to ask whether such wedding packages could be customized and in which specific areas can customization be done.

Hence, these are the most important questions that need to be kept in mind before booking any wedding venue. The wedding venue manager always obliges and answers these questions sometimes making valid suggestions from their side as well.

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