How to look perfect in your Wedding Photos

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Everyone wants to look their best on the wedding day, but sometimes it becomes tough to follow your wok-out regime, and take regular skincare treatments along with all other wedding planning activities. Thankfully, we have some very easy shortcuts that can help you look gorgeous in your wedding pictures without a problem.

Just Be Yourself

This is the most important thing to remember before anything else. Just be yourself and don’t attempt to copy anyone. If you get uncomfortable about something, eventually it becomes obvious on your face; it will ultimately show up in the photos. If you just be yourself with poise and confidence, you can make sure that your wedding images represent you as your best self indeed.


When it comes to our photographs, we often become our worst critics. Keep in mind that you want to be seen the way your friends and relatives see you too.

Perfect wedding photo


Don’t forget to keep a beautiful smile on your face, it suits you and it’s flattering to others as well.

Enjoy the moment, brides!

It is all about capturing the romance of the day, the excitement, emotion as well as the closeness. So don’t stare at the photographer, look at your beloved spouse and enjoy every single moment of your wedding ceremonies.
Forget that someone is clicking your photographs and just try your best to be as you are!

Look to your right

A study has revealed that the left side of the face is better-looking than the right side because left side of the face shows more emotion. To get the perfect wedding photo, look slightly towards the right side. This will also make your face look slimmer if you have a round face.

photo boothsChoose your makeup cautiously

Makeup has a great role to play in making you look good or bad in your photographs. Ensure that you keep away from light reflective mineral foundations with heavy amount of titanium dioxide for the ideal appearance for photographs on your special day. Although, these foundations are wonderful for a glowing look on daily basis but the camera’s flash during your wedding photos can easily turn your dewy facial appearance to a ghost-like white face because the white colour reflect back from the snapper. Complete your makeup with some face powder after applying a suitable foundation to reduce the shine.

Highlight your best features

To look your best in your wedding pictures, don’t forget to highlight your most attractive features so that they can become the standout feature in your photographs. Use some eyeliner, shadow or fake eyelashes; you can also highlight your lips with a bright lipstick shade. Moreover, select a wedding lehnga or saree that can complement your figure and complexion.

Look away from the photographer

No one likes red or half-close eyes spoiling their most precious wedding photograph, so make sure to focus your eyes somewhat below or above the camera lens. If you look bit away from the camera, it will also shrink the possibility of any mid-blink snaps.
The brides with big pupils usually suffer more from this irritating issue as “red eye” effect is caused by light reflecting off the back side of an eye. If other tricks to avoid red eye doesn’t work, you can simply ensure that your wedding photographs are clicked in a properly-lit location or just gaze at a dazzling light just before the pictures are clicked in order to make your pupils look smaller.

Hide that double chin

candid photographerThere is absolutely nothing more upsetting than watching a photograph of you with a double chin, and sadly this happens with even the best-looking brides. To avoid a double chin in your wedding day photographs, ensure that the camera is above or at your eye level. Tilt your head up and jut your jaw, you can practise this trick first in the mirror so that you keep looking natural.
Keep in mind that light coming directly from above can form shadows on your face and highlight the formation of under-eye shadows. If possible, choose locations with smoother lights or stay in the shade if pictures are taken outdoors.

Pose like a model

Try the typical celebrity pose by turning your body three fourth of the way in the direction of the camera with one shoulder nearer to the camera and one foot in front of the other if the photographer is capturing a full length image. This will make you appear slimmer.
Keep your back straight with your shoulders back and your tummy in, but don’t try to suck it in too much.
Master your perfect smile

Smile with your eyes! Instead of forcing a fake smile, imagine something that makes you really happy, this will make your smile look more natural. A joyful smile looks wonderful on brides with beautiful teeth; whereas a peaceful half smile can make your small eyes look bigger and lips appear much better.

model photoPractice your poses

The best yet simplest thing that you can do to make your photos perfect is the practice. Try various face and body angles, expressions and smiles to know what suits you. Once you have discovered your best poses, you can easily ensure perfect photographs every time as you will be ready to use those tricks at every photo opportunity.

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