‘Journey of a Lifetime’ defined in 7-Steps

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‘Let our Divine bond reinforce the sanctity of marriage, with 7-steps’

Revered as one of the defining moments in marriage, the Sapta-Vedic-mantras that binds the Bride and Groom to eternal wedding bliss ‘with Manasa (Heart), Vaacha (Body) and Karmana (Duty)’ in presence of Agni Deva is ‘Saptapadi or Saat-phere’.

Concept of Saptapadi/ Saat Pheras (The Seven Steps)
An ethereal promise, which binds couple together with Love, Trust & Moral Duty towards each other as Husband and Wife. A thought provoking journey towards successful marriage in spiritual sense.

Mystical connection with Mother Nature
The Divine Mother, pro-creator of Life ‘Nature’- characterizes ‘The Law of Balance’ i,e culmination of two powerful energies (The Masculine and Feminine energy) as a single entity. Marriage is a symbolism that echos through this bond, between two different people in Mind (Manasa), Body (Vaacha) and Duty (Karmana) as Dampathulu (Couple). They express ‘Neutrality’ like Ardhanareeshwara (Unification of Lord Shiva & Parvati ) with the best of both characteristics.


Eternal Promise- Meaning of Saptapadi
‘In presence of Agni Deva, our Elders and the Society, I promise to fulfill my duties as your Friend, Partner, Soulmate and Well-wisher. May the celestial couples we revere, Brahma-Saraswati, Mahavishnu-Lakshmi and Shiva-Parvathi, bless us with Strength, Confidence and Endurance to live a happy and blissful life’.

Significance of Saptapadi (Seven Vows/ Saat Pheras)
This Eternal Vow of Commitment, defines their journey together as Husband and Wife. According to ancient Hindu Wedding tradition, it is considered as most sacred ritual, a legal agreement that binds the bride and groom as ‘Couple’ in presence of God of Agni, Family & Society.

7steps_image_300x220 Seven Mantras to Seven Steps
Saptapadi means Seven Vows/ Seven Steps. As the Bride & Groom take each step, they call upon Pelli-Devathalu (Devatas) to bless them bountiful life with happiness and prosperity. Every step invokes powerful and meaningful significance.

Saptapadi is performed in various procedures, depending on the wedding tradition followed by each sect. The procedure may differ, but convey the same meaning. In certain traditions, the Groom holds the little toe of Bride’s right leg and chants each vow, as he moves the toe on seven turmeric roots placed on Indian version of mortar. In certain traditions, Saptapadi is performed around Homaa Agni (Holy Fire), as the Groom takes the little finger of the Bride and leads her to seven steps. This is called Saat Pheras by North Indians.

First Step/ Vow-
Bride: I am blessed with good fortune, to take your hand as a Friend, Wife and Life partner. And, I believe this blessing is bestowed on me for performing good deeds in previous births.

Groom: With our 1st step together, you have become my better-half. May your support in every aspect of our life complete me. The blessings I am showered with, reflects in you. May we be blessed with Good Health, Prosperity and Children.

Second Step/ Vow-
Bride: I promise to support you and our family, as your ardhangi (better-half) in every phase of life and aspire to succeed in life.

Groom: You are my strength. May your gracious qualities, bless me with success and fame.

7steps_image_345x160Third Step/Vow-
Bride: As your wife, I promise to bring Happiness, Honour, and Respect.

Groom: With this third step, Your Love and motivation will bless us with Success, Fame and Wealth in this society.

Fourth Step/Vow-
Bride: I am now your soulmate in physical and spiritual sense.

Groom: With fourth step, I promise bring you happiness and bliss, in every stage of our married life

Fifth Step/Vow-
Bride: May the Morals, Principles and Values I believe in, make you stronger. Let’s , we stand by each other in Happiness and Sorrow, without shrivelling to adverse situation.

Groom: With Fifth step, may our children be healthy and successful. I promise to fulfill my duties towards our family and contribute for welfare of our society.

Sixth Step/Vow-
Bride: I promise to perform my duties as a Wife, Daughter-in-law and Mother. I promise to support you to fulfill this grihastha dharma.

Groom: With sixth step, I will complete your happiness in physical and spiritual sense.

7steps_image_300x220_2Seventh Step/Vow-
Bride: I promise to celebrate rituals with you benefiting home and society. From now, I will give my entire being to you and strive for your Happiness and Progress. Now, in presence of devatas, our family members and friends, I take you as my Husband by Manasa, Vaacha and Karmana.

Groom: With the seven step, I take you as my wife. I am what You are.

The Groom, thereby, completes his seven vows to his Bride and the Bride completes her seven vows to her Groom. According to Hindu Marriage Dharma, only after this ritual is completed, the Groom and Bride are legally announced as Husband and Wife.

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