Planning tips for a Winter Wedding

October 12, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Wedding Plan

India has extreme weather conditions; summers are so scorching hot, painful and humid whereas winters are cold and dry. However most of the couples in India find winter wedding more appealing and magical. Surely winter weddings are exciting but a wedding in winter requires a lot of planning and precision. Consider following most important planning guidelines and tips while preparing for your winter wedding.

Choose the right attire

In winter, choose a bridal outfit that not only highlights your magnificence and charm but also makes you feel warm. Don’t hesitate to pick a heavily embroidered lehenga or stylish saree. Pair up a stylish stoll or a traditional shawl with your lehenga or saree. Grooms can pick sherwanis for their D day so that they can stay warm while looking stylish and royal. Brides can flaunt those elaborate hairstyles and heavy jewellery and makeup without a sign of sweat.

Seasonal Decoration

Seasonal decoration

Arrange a lot of scented candles in different shapes, colours and sizes; be creative with them and spread the warmth and romance at your wedding night! If you want to add bit more drama, bring in those ice-carved flower vases on your wedding dinner tables. Ask your wedding decorators to arrange some tall artificial winter-white branches and hanging crystals to reflect the light. Cover those dinner tables with beautiful and elegant looking table linens or simply go for white colour net table cloths.
Arrange extra tents and central heating system

If the wedding is going to take place in an outdoor location in chilly winters, you should make several arrangements so that your guests can enjoy the ceremonies and don’t get frozen up. Arrange some extra tents and central heating in order to keep the ambience warm and tolerable.

Set a romantic theme

Set some theme for your wedding party. Winter season is definitely cold but it is cosy as well which makes this season very romantic. Go creative with combination of warm and cool colours. Since it’s a wedding celebration, you can blend white and red for the décor. It will draw guests’ attention to the grand feeling even when the weather is frosty.

Winter ThemeFlower decorations

Instead of using those simple multi-colour lights; decorate the wedding hall with colourful flowers of various kinds. Flower decoration will give a natural and romantic look to your wedding place. Flowers create a beautiful, refreshingly calm and perfect atmosphere for the occasion.


Nowadays drinks have become a quintessential part of every wedding celebration. Wines is great for wedding parties and so make sure to serve red wine or the blend of wines to spread the warmth among your guests. Don’t attempt to go overboard with it though.

Hot beverages

There are people who don’t prefer to consume hard drinks in public occasions. So arrange some soft drinks, juice or something else for them. Flavour tea, coffees and other hot beverages are great options for such family celebrations and parties.

Appetizers and main course

Winter MenuBefore the main course, serve some hot sizzlers, spicy samosas, onion pakoras and other popular snacks. Make sure that the dinner is served hot as it’s a winter wedding. Ask your caterer to provide you some waiters to serve the dinner and appetizers hot at tables.


Other than serving hot and lip-smacking food, keep your guest well entertained by playing some popular party songs while the guests are seated, amuse your guests with light piano tunes at dinner time. You can even plan your own DJ night after dinner. Ask your close friends and family members to plan some fun activities and games, dance and other performances for the wedding night so that everyone can stay well entertained throughout the chilly winter night.

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