Pre Wedding Beauty Treatments

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There are so many things in the wish-list of a would-be bride like perfect wedding dress and makeup but flawless glowing skin and shiny glossy hair are always the top most priority.

So here we present you our top tips on how to make your hair and skin ready for your D day.


Wedding FacialEvery bride should take the benefit from regular facial treatments, but if time is a constraint and you can’t take regular facials, then go for a one-off facial treatment before your special day. Facials helps you to deep-clean the skin, it improves circulation, and brings skin to its natural form.

However facials should be done in every 5-6 weeks for maximum results. Start your facial treatments at least 6-12 months before your wedding, but avoid taking your final facial very close to your wedding. You should give around 6-10 days time to let your skin complexion settle.



Make a good skincare regime prior to your special day. An efficient skincare routine will make your skin glow and you will feel confident. Make it a point to clean, tone and moisturize your skin two times a day and don’t forget to remove all the make-up from your skin before you go to bed to avoid blocked skin pores. Make an appointment with a skin care specialist if you are not getting satisfactory results from your current skincare regime. Avoid trying new skincare products or cosmetics weeks before your wedding.


Exfoliate your skin on regular basis, it is one of the best treatments that you can do at home for your complexion. Exfoliation allows new cell regeneration, which makes your skin look brighter. It should be done at least two times a week. However if you do this daily, you will lose natural oils from your skin. Too much of exfoliation may result in blotchy skin or dry skin. Use face and body scrubs that contain mineral micro beads or fruit extracts. Such products can easily boost your complexion very fast.

Body Brushing

Dry body brushing is a simple yet powerful technique to make your body look and feel great, particularly prior to your D day. It improves circulation in your body which is why your skin radiates and looks bright. You can do it on daily basis for 5-10 minutes, it will not take too much of time from your other wedding planning activities. Beginning from your feet, do long and firm strokes towards your heart, it makes your skin really smooth and soft.

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Massage is yet another pre-wedding beauty treat. It makes your body and mind calm and eases stress before your special day. A calm and tension free mind creates peace around you, it also makes your skin look bright and soft. Just like body brushing treatment, Massage also improves your blood circulation, nourish the skin. A healthy bridal glow is always a top priority for any soon-to-be bride. Generally these treatments should be done on a monthly basis, but if you have time and money constraints then only one massage treatment a week before your wedding day can also be very helpful.

Eyebrow Shape

Perfectly shaped eyebrows accentuate the features of your face, so it’s a good idea to go for eyebrow shaping before your special day. However eyebrow shaping is required in almost every 3-5 weeks, but if you haven’t got it done professionally yet, you should visit a good eyebrow specialist about 3-6 months before your wedding to get the ideal eyebrow shape for your wedding ceremonies. Five to seven days before your wedding, get one final brow shaping done.

Hands and Feet

Regular manicures and pedicures bring your hands and feet in excellent condition. Bride’s hands are usually in the main focus on wedding day, and obviously you want them to look beautiful in those close-up pictures. Manicures and pedicures intensely hydrate your hands and feet and thus it makes your skin and nail condition better. So keep these 2 treatments in your skin care schedule. Try to get these treatments a day or two before your wedding day, but don’t forget to massage with cuticle oil every day to make your nails hydrated.

Wedding MassagePrimrose and flax seed oil are very helpful in hair care; they make your scalp healthy and supply hydrating lipids for hair growth and the skin. Zinc is also beneficial for scalp and treats dandruff as well as oily scalp.

Stay Hydrated

Water helps in removing all the toxins from your body. Keep a separate water bottle with you all the time and make sure that you finish at least 2 liters of water every day. Coconut water is very beneficial for skin, and it’s tasty too! It can give you beautiful and glowing skin within weeks, moreover it provides various other health benefits as well. Consult a good skin specialist if required and start taking some multi-vitamin pills in the months leading up to your D day.

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